In a 12 week social media workshop hosted by MAKE Visuals, I was tasked to design and animate a 10-15 looping social media piece that would be both fun and expressive. While given the creative freedom to choose our concepts, we had to design a piece that could be easily reformatted into different aspect ratios.

Final Deliverables

1. Video: 06-:15 seconds long
2. IG story postings: 5 stills/ style frames
- 9x16
- 1x1
- 16x9
(show the process or/and showcase your animated piece)


The arrival of the spring equinox marks a time of seasonal transition. Our environment is in a constant cycle of color, shapes and beautiful elements that are often overlooked. Equinox is an abstract looping piece that simulates the seasons through representational elements and graceful transition.

Word List

- Balance
- Transition
- Light
- Darkness
- Renewal
- Day
- Depression
- Hope
- Rebirth
- Life
- Night
- Growth


Color Palettes Exploration

Looping Animation Storyboard

The biggest challenge I had during this project was designing a seamless loop that represented the transition of the two seasons. My solution was to use generative elements found in nature that could move organically and in a spiral formation.

Motion tests

Styleframes + Aspect Ratios