Hilton Hotels Postcard Adventure


Create a motion graphic piece that uses an object (or multiple objects) to drive a single narrative.


An animated promo for Hilton Hotels through the use of travel postcards. Each postcard will depict a variety of destinations and memories that you can potentially create when you choose to stay at a Hilton Hotel. These postcards will focus on the overall sense of comfort that Hilton intends to provide to their guests. By using a variety of textures and a collection of objects related to each place, each frame will be nostalgic and fun.

Word List

- Travel
- Adventure
- Memories
- Postcard
- Collection
- Escape
- Vacation
- Destination
- Hospitality
- Celebrity
- Home
- Experience
- Value
- Safety
- Authentic
- Nostalgia
- Reliable
- Journey

Style Inspiration

Art Deco Posters
Vintage Postcard Inspiration

Final Design Board