Pokémon Logo Reveal


This logo animation was a self motivated project. In spring of 2022 I wanted to experiment with redshift and test it's practicality as a 3D design tool.
I picked a brand that I liked and pushed myself to design and animate a short 5-8 second long logo reveal using redshift.
Pokémon Logo:


Pokémon is a Japanese franchise that centers around a world where trainers catch mystical creatures and train them to compete. The "pokéball" is a recognizable element of the franchise that often represents the connection between the trainer and pokemon.

In this logo animation, I wanted to use the pokéball as a visual representation of connecting the brand to the viewer by releasing the logo from a pokéball. Visually I also wanted to give the design a competitive and ambitious tone that matched the nature of the brand.

Key Word List

- Competition
- Collectable
- Electricity
- Youth
- Trainer
- Connection
- Video game
- Mystical
- Cartoon
- Growth
- Triumph
- Power